Fictive Avengers


Protecting Doom's Defecting Scientist

Dr. Stefan Banica worked closely with Doom, and wanted to defect to the USA. SHIELD offered to help, rescuing his family and arranging for him to make it to a tech conference in Naples, from which he fled onto a cruise ship with alternate identities for himself and his family.

SHIELD could not put official assets towards their protection, as their energies were focused on misleading Doom (and the fewer people who knew where the family was, the better.) So, Director Fury authorized Captain White to use the Avengers to protect the family. They parachuted down to meet the cruise ship on its last stop before the six day trans-Atlantic crossing.

Benny was Sam Powell, wealthy stock broker, with a fancy room at the top of the ship so he could hack into the ship systems and also keep a good lookout. Sister Sunshine became Emiily Batson, and Mister Fister became Jim Carnell, both commercial airline pilots on a cruise with rooms in the belly of the ship near the Banica family.


Sister Sunshine first approached the family as though she was drunk and trying to get into the wrong room, but returned and informed them she was part of a SHIELD team looking to protect them. That eased the family’s mind, and the family didn’t even mind having their place bugged by the agents.

Benny got control of ship systems and monitored the cameras, radar, sonar, communications, and onboard cameras. Meanwhile Mister Fister handled gear and inventory, again from a shrunken supply depot.

The Attack

The following afternoon, the cruise ship detected incoming craft. Benny met with Mister Fister, who brought LAW rockets. Mister Fister grew a chair to protect the windows and deck behind, and helped Benny fire off a couple rockets. One incoming craft was downed, the other injured; it aimed to swoop around the cruise ship and take a quick visual.

Thinking fast, Mister Fister launched himself off the side of the ship, growing to his full 60’ size, and taking a jet to the chest. The impact nearly killed him, but both Mister Fister and the jet went into the ocean.

Doom rode an escape pod up out of the wreckage, gripping Mister Fister, and prepared to kill him on the deck. Mister Fister sassed him, then swelled to his full mighty size as he punched the armored attacker several stories up. Then Mister Fister shrunk down and hid, waiting for medical attention, bleeding out.

Doom redirected his attention towards taking over the bridge as the Avengers got the family to a safe out-of-the-way location. Benny used high-powered water hoses to push swimming robots who survived the crash away from the ship long enough for them to fall behind and probably sink. Sister Sunshine caught up to Mister Fister and gave him powerful stimulants and SHIELD medical assistance that got him back on his feet.

The Showdown

Doom did not have the backup he expected to have; not a single bot made it aboard, and his troops on seaplanes were a couple hours out. His attention was required on the bridge. Meanwhile, Benny got in position with an assault rifle, and Mister Fister retrieved a life boat and carried it up the side of the ship, hiding by the pool with it.

Sister Sunshine climbed up to the bridge and placed some plastic explosives, then got Doom’s attention and pulled back. He ran out to deal with her and was blown up, flying back through the bridge and down through the roof of the bar. Sister Sunshine foillowed, and after a tense shootout, withdrew; he burst through the wall, pursuing her.

That put him in Benny’s crosshairs; armor piercing rounds ripped across him, and they saw sparks that suggested instead of an armored person it might be a robot of some kind. Mister Fister grew to 60’ and batted Doom with the life boat, sending him tumbling out to sea.

Wrap Up

They got on a secure line with SHIELD to report the outcome, but it wasn’t secure enough; Doom threatened them for interfering with his plans. Still, SHIELD staff got the ship running again, and the defecting family made it safely to US waters.



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