Fictive Avengers


Plague at the Hospital!

Pixellite—a drug that makes everything look and feel pixellated. What users don’t know is that also installs a bio-soft backdoor to their cerebral cortex; when the right switch is flipped, they become zombies under the control of the master key. It seems a harmless enough drug to take the edge off for people of all social classes.

A bad batch was released in New York, and the emergency room of Mt. Sinai Hospital was full. What no one knew was that the bad batch was released by Hydra, who made and distributed the drug in the first place; they were testing out the drug’s capacity to take over normal people and turn them into a shambling army. Hydra took over the radiology department and wired in their massive control center, defending it with some tough troops and a suit of Dreadnaught armor. Upon activating the pixel drones, that drew the full attention of the police.

What they didn’t know was that a number of remarkable individuals were approaching the hospital to visit loved ones, temporarily checked by the police cordon. A mobster, Benny Bodifico (Benny the Bullet) was there to visit his uncle Nunzio. Jason Larstraad (the Cat Burglar) was there to visit Dave, a street hustler friend. And a mysterious combat nun known only as Sister Sunshine was there to visit Dixie and Trish, a couple teenage nuns who fell afoul of the drug.

Benny the Bullet, the Cat Burglar, and Sister Sunshine recognized fellow international people of mystery in the others. They decided to work together, infiltrating the hospital. Benny checked in with a police contact to get the situation, and they infiltrated up the elevator and into the Hydra controlled area, taking down some goons. They closed in on Radiology, but faced some serious gunfire; Sister Sunshine and the Cat Burglar were badly hurt, pulled out by Benny the Bullet. Benny bandaged them up as Hydra converged on the area, and the crew fought through Hydra and reached the Radiology department.

There, they sabotaged the master key chair and lured the Dreadnaught into a confrontation where the Cat Burglar could grow up big (as a sizemorph expert) and crush the massive robot. They triggered explosives in the floor under the chair to drop it, breaking it. Sister Sunshine beheaded the man in the chair who was trying to control the drugged army. Then the crew slipped through security and escaped the hospital.



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