Fictive Avengers


Attack on the Helicarrier!

The Helicarrier is parked off the coast of New York City. Captain White of SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate) invited some guests to a meeting.

Jason Larstraad (The Cat Burglar/Mister Fister), Benny Bodifico (Benny the Bullet), and Sister Sunshine were given the opportunity to join the Avengers Initiative. SHIELD is up against Hydra, who has no ethical or financial limits in creating super-human menaces. SHIELD does have moral and financial limits, so they are looking to recruit existing remarkable agents to assist in dealing with the threat. Director Fury authorized the project and put Captain White in charge.

As they were discussing the opportunity, a time-ship dropped into reality and took over the bridge with a robot crew. The invader calls herself “La Capitan” and she commands a time ship and a high-tech crew. Along with the bridge, she targeted the nuclear reactor and the armory.

The newly minted Avengers rushed to the nuclear reactor, where they battled a back-stabbing ronin, a tech hacker, and an archer with energy arrows. Benny was backstabbed and shot, but the others managed to fend off the attack even without a decisive victory.

They then turned their attention to the vault. A viking with a computer-hacking axe and a big man in power armor with a high-tech halberd were getting through the last protections in the Helicarrier’s most secure area. After an intense battle, the Avengers forced them to withdraw.

Curious, they finished hacking into Vault 6 and its Omega class security, and saw a suit of amazing power armor. They could not take it all, so they took the helmet and re-locked the vault so SHIELD would not immediately know it was missing.

Meanwhile La Capitan withdrew from the bridge with her crew, and slipped out of the time stream once more.



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