Benny the Bullet

Mob Enforcer/Drug Lord


1 Awareness
5 Brawn
2 Charm
0 Commitment
5 Cunning
0 Daring

Armor- Medium

Rapid Shot
Thug Culture


Abandoned as a child, Benny grew up on the streets. At a young age, he befriended a mobster that saw potential in him as he shot can in the street with a sling shot. Benny started running drugs for the mobster, who then taught Benny how to shoot a gun so he could protect himself. Not only was Benny’s aim dead-on, but he also was excellent at selling drugs- pixelite specifically. He moved up to selling on a national scale, while maintaining a low profile. Benny is still a great shot though, so he takes the occasional side job.

Benny the Bullet

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