Sister Sunshine

Battle Nun


trumpet and case- mouthpiece= dagger, valves = throwing knives, and valves trigger tranq darts or poison darts Brawn of 8 to resist darts. Shape charge bottle of oil. Medium armor

Lipstick hideout for Mr. Fister.

Wrist Stinger Rosaries/grappling hooks.

Also has a 1969 blue Chevelle with black cross painted on the hood, Bobblehead Buddy Jesus on the dashboard (so he can enjoy the music too), and -plates PRZ GOD.

3 Awareness
1 Brawn
2 Charm
2 Commitment
4 Cunning
4 Daring

Lvl 8


I’m a nun, everybody’s favorite “sister” – a nun of necessity if you will. Where I came from is my little secret, suffice it to say, it ended with a few years in the Catholic school system, a strong moral code, and a name born of sarcasm that stuck. So I’ve picked up a few bad habits along the way, but nobody expects the inquisition and the position gets me into places I wouldn’t normally go, with people who would otherwise ignore me. As a bonus, there’s always a place to stay at the local church. I generally have altruistic motives. I like it when good people do good things- when bad people do bad things, that irks me. I use my acquired skill set to help restore a little precious balance to an otherwise corrupt and unbalanced world.

Sister Sunshine

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