Fictive Avengers

Protecting Doom's Defecting Scientist

Dr. Stefan Banica worked closely with Doom, and wanted to defect to the USA. SHIELD offered to help, rescuing his family and arranging for him to make it to a tech conference in Naples, from which he fled onto a cruise ship with alternate identities for himself and his family.

SHIELD could not put official assets towards their protection, as their energies were focused on misleading Doom (and the fewer people who knew where the family was, the better.) So, Director Fury authorized Captain White to use the Avengers to protect the family. They parachuted down to meet the cruise ship on its last stop before the six day trans-Atlantic crossing.

Benny was Sam Powell, wealthy stock broker, with a fancy room at the top of the ship so he could hack into the ship systems and also keep a good lookout. Sister Sunshine became Emiily Batson, and Mister Fister became Jim Carnell, both commercial airline pilots on a cruise with rooms in the belly of the ship near the Banica family.


Sister Sunshine first approached the family as though she was drunk and trying to get into the wrong room, but returned and informed them she was part of a SHIELD team looking to protect them. That eased the family’s mind, and the family didn’t even mind having their place bugged by the agents.

Benny got control of ship systems and monitored the cameras, radar, sonar, communications, and onboard cameras. Meanwhile Mister Fister handled gear and inventory, again from a shrunken supply depot.

The Attack

The following afternoon, the cruise ship detected incoming craft. Benny met with Mister Fister, who brought LAW rockets. Mister Fister grew a chair to protect the windows and deck behind, and helped Benny fire off a couple rockets. One incoming craft was downed, the other injured; it aimed to swoop around the cruise ship and take a quick visual.

Thinking fast, Mister Fister launched himself off the side of the ship, growing to his full 60’ size, and taking a jet to the chest. The impact nearly killed him, but both Mister Fister and the jet went into the ocean.

Doom rode an escape pod up out of the wreckage, gripping Mister Fister, and prepared to kill him on the deck. Mister Fister sassed him, then swelled to his full mighty size as he punched the armored attacker several stories up. Then Mister Fister shrunk down and hid, waiting for medical attention, bleeding out.

Doom redirected his attention towards taking over the bridge as the Avengers got the family to a safe out-of-the-way location. Benny used high-powered water hoses to push swimming robots who survived the crash away from the ship long enough for them to fall behind and probably sink. Sister Sunshine caught up to Mister Fister and gave him powerful stimulants and SHIELD medical assistance that got him back on his feet.

The Showdown

Doom did not have the backup he expected to have; not a single bot made it aboard, and his troops on seaplanes were a couple hours out. His attention was required on the bridge. Meanwhile, Benny got in position with an assault rifle, and Mister Fister retrieved a life boat and carried it up the side of the ship, hiding by the pool with it.

Sister Sunshine climbed up to the bridge and placed some plastic explosives, then got Doom’s attention and pulled back. He ran out to deal with her and was blown up, flying back through the bridge and down through the roof of the bar. Sister Sunshine foillowed, and after a tense shootout, withdrew; he burst through the wall, pursuing her.

That put him in Benny’s crosshairs; armor piercing rounds ripped across him, and they saw sparks that suggested instead of an armored person it might be a robot of some kind. Mister Fister grew to 60’ and batted Doom with the life boat, sending him tumbling out to sea.

Wrap Up

They got on a secure line with SHIELD to report the outcome, but it wasn’t secure enough; Doom threatened them for interfering with his plans. Still, SHIELD staff got the ship running again, and the defecting family made it safely to US waters.

Doom and Hydra Handoff Foiled

Captain White briefs the Avengers, telling them that Doom’s people are going to make an exchange with Hydra’s people. What could they have to trade? Not sure, but the goal is to find out, and sour the exchange if possible without a massive bodycount or giving away SHIELD’s involvement too much.

The secure location for the trade will be the opening of Atlantis, an arcology on the sea floor off the coast of Great Britain. The Avengers will get on a bullet train that goes down under the water, and attend the opening ceremony. Somewhere along that high-security weapons-free chain of events, the unknown agents of Hydra and Doom will trade information.

Mister Fister is to be the weapons and equipment officer for the trip, with all their gear shrunk down with him as he rides in a lipstick case. Benny is Jethro Tanvers, oil baron, and Sister Sunshine is Selina Wyld, a diamond heiress.


They check out the hotel occupants before the train is scheduled to go. In the bar, they identify Lady Viper, one of Hydra’s top agents; she palms Mister Fister’s wallet and gets his identity, putting his wallet back; that could be bad in the future. Lady Viper is Ms. Amoire, attendant to Lady Elva, Duchess of Cornwall. They also identify Lady Ana Selkie, a Symkarian official who might be Doom’s representative.

They pull the fire alarm, clearing people out of the highly-secured hotel, as well as bugging prominent suspects. Eventually they make it to the train station, and get through the security to board. On the train they realize Lady Selkie is also trying to identify the spies who are part of the exchange.

They reach Atlantis and Mr. Weyland gives the opening speech in these international waters. They identify the Grim Reaper here in disguise also, another of Hydra’s deadliest agents. After the speech, Weyland goes to intercept Madame Viper—Weyland is Doom’s agent?!

Mister Fister goes to work, stealing the drive from Viper’s pocket and leaving a flash-bang that makes it look like the drive exploded, like she was betrayed. Meanwhile Benny is identified, and put in custody, and when Wayland goes to talk to him he palms the information off the billionaire.

Sister Sunshine cuts a deal with Lady Selkie, who agrees to pretend Benny is her employee. She pulls him out of custody, and Sister Sunshine pumps the Reaper full of trank darts so he cannot interfere with the escape. Lady Selky has a prepared hack to take over one of the escape pod lifeboats.

As they are escaping, other submarines rise to intercept, but SHIELD is closing in from above; a tense chase results in Mister Fister getting out and swimming, at huge size, with them holding on; they reach the rendezvous spot and SHIELD picks them up.

Later they find that Doom was trading initial plans for some kind of power armor—like the prototype in the SHIELD vault on the Helicarrier!

Hunting Aliens in Transylvania!

The Setup

Benny the Bullet, Sister Sunshine, and Mister Fister accompanied Captain White to Sibiu, Romania. Their cover story was that Captain White would be negotiating with representatives from Symkaria, across the border, for lease options on Wild Pack mercenary teams. The agents were posing as basic SHIELD staff.

In truth, their mission was in Latveria. Three days before there was a mighty cascade of energy visible for miles around from one of the science towers on the castle in Doomstadt. Reed Richards had a look at the energy readings, and suggested it was the discharge from a malfunctioning or over-stressed dimensional gate. Maybe Dr. Doom was killed in the blast. SHIELD needed to know for sure.

Day Trip

SHIELD reserved several suites in a hotel on the Grand Square, and after Captain White briefed the team on their real mission, they were given the day for touristy activities at will. Agent Josephine Durandi was assigned as translator and assistant. They split up, and agreed to meet at lunch.

Sister Sunshine and Agent Durandi went to the Catholic church. The Sister went to confession, then talked with the priest about the threat Doom posed; the priest’s uncle died in the dungeons under the castle, and Doom’s word was law. He was his own god, and a very dangerous man who probably practiced black magic. Sister Sunshine verified that, and got a little more background by talking to other staff and some nuns onsite.

Mister Fister took Benny the Bullet along as a bodyguard, and went to the markets in Lower Town. He found his way back to a black market expert from Russia, who helped him with a little intel on Doom and the danger he posed (in exchange for a future favor.)

Turns out gypsies are the only ones allowed to come and go almost freely from Latveria, Doom has an affinity for them (and was one before he became a conqueror.)


While they were eating, Inspector Karl Sisken arrived to question them. Did SHIELD smuggle in a biological weapon of some kind? Since they arrived, a series of disappearances and strange events. They protested their innocence. Captain White assigned them to help the local police in any way they could.

They go with the inspector to where people reported a drunk disappearing from an alley; they find a patch of slime, a shoe in the sewer, and a blood spray of significant size.

The Soldier

Then Siskin gets a call; Romanian intelligence connected two burned trucks with some alleged Latverian special forces in an inn. The Romanian law closes in around them with SWAT teams and such, and breach; one soldier leaps out an upper window and lands running.

He easily ditches vehicle pursuit in the cramped quarters, but Mister Fister keeps eyes on him from aboard his flying roach. The fugitive soldier switches outfits and vehicles several times, posing as a delivery person to infiltrate the airport. Mister Fister calls the inspector, who has police detain the soldier as the rest of the authorities close in. However, the soldier kills his guard and escapes to a Latverian hanger where he cannot be pursued legally.

Mister Fister slips in with him, and watches him suit up and get ready to blaze back over the boarder. Mister Fister smishes the soldier under a weapon rack without being spotted; he then wrecks the security computer, hoping that deleted any footage of him. Then he tumbled the soldier out onto the airport concrete, so the police could arrest him; Benny vouches as an eyewitness that it is the same man that jumped through the window and fled the SWAT team.

While that soldier is unconscious, there are two that were captured at the inn assault. Romanians observe that when they capture Doom’s troops, the prisoners die quickly; suicide or strange assassination techniques. Sister Sunshine is allowed to interview one, who tells them the mission is complete and they have brought terror. Sister Sunshine kicks him in the crotch, and the interview is over.


After supper, they continue working with the inspector (who seems to trust them now). Benny and the inspector go to a butcher shop where they find a man in the freezer (where all the meat is chewed) with a burst-open chest. Benny finds a face-hugger, but doesn’t tell the inspector.

Sister Sunshine and Mister Fister go to where a building superintendent fired on a shadow, and it leaked acid that ate through a stone wall and deep into the earth.

They pull back to the police headquarters. Sifting the data, they determine that the church, the Biserica Romano Catolica, has crypts adjacent to sewers. And the sewers connect the seemingly unrelated incidents, around the church near the center.


They decide to launch an assault on the site, and they ask the inspector to call in some favors and get people on all the possible exits. He ends up recruiting about a hundred cops, drawing media attention and crowds as the trucks roll in and set up checkpoints at sewer entrances and down in the tunnels. A SWAT team led be a French Legionnaire, LeRoy, backs them up from the church above.

During setup, they are accosted by an old gypsy fortuneteller; he chortles that the darkness inside has once again torn free, and will eat flesh (or something like that.) Sister Sunshine knocks him out and they bind him, interrogating him when he wakes; all he has to add is that the shadow will hunt them. So much gibberish, but they decide he’s kind of nuts and let him go.

The Avengers go into the crypts, finding resin that makes it warmer and more humid, and conceals darkshells. They are attacked a couple times, once by a face hugger, but they fend off the attacks until they find the back corner of the crypt where the eggs are. Benny torches that with a grenade, and they finish off the darkshell tomb guards.

Investigating down into a rift left by the acid from a darkshell, they encounter a much bigger specimen; they use goo grenades to slow it, and climb out. The tunnel collapses, incendiary grenades going off. They pull back to the surface, and bring the SWAT team down to finish sweeping and clearing the tunnels. The big thing they blew up seems to have escaped, or died deep under the rubble.

Romania’s political patience is exhausted, and it is time for SHIELD to leave without checking on Dr. Doom. Something tells them he’s still alive, though.

Attack on the Helicarrier!

The Helicarrier is parked off the coast of New York City. Captain White of SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate) invited some guests to a meeting.

Jason Larstraad (The Cat Burglar/Mister Fister), Benny Bodifico (Benny the Bullet), and Sister Sunshine were given the opportunity to join the Avengers Initiative. SHIELD is up against Hydra, who has no ethical or financial limits in creating super-human menaces. SHIELD does have moral and financial limits, so they are looking to recruit existing remarkable agents to assist in dealing with the threat. Director Fury authorized the project and put Captain White in charge.

As they were discussing the opportunity, a time-ship dropped into reality and took over the bridge with a robot crew. The invader calls herself “La Capitan” and she commands a time ship and a high-tech crew. Along with the bridge, she targeted the nuclear reactor and the armory.

The newly minted Avengers rushed to the nuclear reactor, where they battled a back-stabbing ronin, a tech hacker, and an archer with energy arrows. Benny was backstabbed and shot, but the others managed to fend off the attack even without a decisive victory.

They then turned their attention to the vault. A viking with a computer-hacking axe and a big man in power armor with a high-tech halberd were getting through the last protections in the Helicarrier’s most secure area. After an intense battle, the Avengers forced them to withdraw.

Curious, they finished hacking into Vault 6 and its Omega class security, and saw a suit of amazing power armor. They could not take it all, so they took the helmet and re-locked the vault so SHIELD would not immediately know it was missing.

Meanwhile La Capitan withdrew from the bridge with her crew, and slipped out of the time stream once more.

Plague at the Hospital!

Pixellite—a drug that makes everything look and feel pixellated. What users don’t know is that also installs a bio-soft backdoor to their cerebral cortex; when the right switch is flipped, they become zombies under the control of the master key. It seems a harmless enough drug to take the edge off for people of all social classes.

A bad batch was released in New York, and the emergency room of Mt. Sinai Hospital was full. What no one knew was that the bad batch was released by Hydra, who made and distributed the drug in the first place; they were testing out the drug’s capacity to take over normal people and turn them into a shambling army. Hydra took over the radiology department and wired in their massive control center, defending it with some tough troops and a suit of Dreadnaught armor. Upon activating the pixel drones, that drew the full attention of the police.

What they didn’t know was that a number of remarkable individuals were approaching the hospital to visit loved ones, temporarily checked by the police cordon. A mobster, Benny Bodifico (Benny the Bullet) was there to visit his uncle Nunzio. Jason Larstraad (the Cat Burglar) was there to visit Dave, a street hustler friend. And a mysterious combat nun known only as Sister Sunshine was there to visit Dixie and Trish, a couple teenage nuns who fell afoul of the drug.

Benny the Bullet, the Cat Burglar, and Sister Sunshine recognized fellow international people of mystery in the others. They decided to work together, infiltrating the hospital. Benny checked in with a police contact to get the situation, and they infiltrated up the elevator and into the Hydra controlled area, taking down some goons. They closed in on Radiology, but faced some serious gunfire; Sister Sunshine and the Cat Burglar were badly hurt, pulled out by Benny the Bullet. Benny bandaged them up as Hydra converged on the area, and the crew fought through Hydra and reached the Radiology department.

There, they sabotaged the master key chair and lured the Dreadnaught into a confrontation where the Cat Burglar could grow up big (as a sizemorph expert) and crush the massive robot. They triggered explosives in the floor under the chair to drop it, breaking it. Sister Sunshine beheaded the man in the chair who was trying to control the drugged army. Then the crew slipped through security and escaped the hospital.


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